Hardware Requirements for Client-Side Rendering (CSR)

Are there minimum hardware requirements for rendering 3D graphics at interactive speeds using CSR?


As long as the system supports WebGL, it is possible to use CSR. There are several online tests for this, like https://get.webgl.org/.

Interactivity is an entirely different question. The larger the model, the more it will tax your graphics system. What type of models are you working with? Triangle count?

There are many ways to improve framerate. Most importantly, adjusting the minimum framerate:
HOOPS Communicator Documentation

You can also simplify your models, create different levels of detail, use our memory limiting feature, and increase culling.

We don’t recommend systems with embedded or onboard graphics cards for engineering applications using models of moderate size (10s of millions to 100s of millions of triangles). However, we do support them, and they continue to get better.


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