How to change the Note pins shape and set fix along with the component parts when assembled part explodes?

Question 1: When we have the Note pins on the assembled parts when it explodes, but the Note pins can’t move along with the components part explodes? How can we set a fix on the components part?
Question 2: Can we show all Note pins 's div at the same time? when we have more than two Note pins on one part?

Hello @findtop,

Regarding the note pins being able to move in tandem with an explode operation, this is currently not possible. I can confirm that we already have a feature request for such functionality.

As to displaying multiple note pins simultaneously, this is also not possible with the current API. That said, we will create a new feature request.

I just wanted to add that we publish the TypeScript source code for the various Communicator operators should developers want to create their own version . The code for the the Note Pin Operator can be found in the following directories: