How to make the .skp file display the lines

is the Exchange service requiring the configuration, or the JavaScript needs to modify the configuration?

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Sketchup is not read via HOOPS Exchange but through our importer in HOOPS Visualize. It seems from a quick test that using HOOPS Communicator converter with default settings (/quick_start/convert_file.bat) lines and polylines are getting converted. If you experience issues, would you be able to share the model that has the problem for further analysis?

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Hello florlan
The following is the comparison of the effects of Sketchup and Hoops. Which step is I made a mistake? What do I need to configure to do the same effect as Sketchup?


the lines you see on Sketchup are not polylines or curves. It seems we don’t read nor generate them when reading Sketchup right now, it would be a feature request we could investigate on.

As a workaround, I know that HOOPS Converter from HOOPS Communicator package that you seem to be using, can also generate lines for models that don’t have them (like IFC usually). The drawback is that it removes existing lines/polylines.

To see the result on your model, you can try this:
Edit: \quick_start\scripts\easy_convert.js

add option: ‘–sc_compute_lines’, ‘1’ to the options located lines 139-151
(see related options also here: Converter Command Line Options — HOOPS Communicator documentation)

Here is the result with same model I used to test yesterday, you will see curves and lines disappeared, but the solids now have lines.


Wow, It’s great, most of the above parameter lines can be displayed.

but how can the light and shadow effect be adjusted to similar?

Hi, you can control scene effects like light and ambient occlusion using the API.

Keep in mind though that we do not aim at being an exact copy of the rendering of each CAD software, it’s not possible.

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