How to provide the new --xml_settings option in HC converter.exe?

In HC converter.exe, tried to use the new -xml_settings option to include a CREO import option to correctly convert an ASM file:

a. --xml_settings “m_eFamilyTables=A3DProEFamTabOrUseWireAndGeneric”
b. --xml_settings “.\Communicator\settings.txt” where settings.txt is a text file with the following text as the only line:

In both cases, get the same output log and files as the ones without this option. Not sure if it’s because the option is in an incorrect format compared to what’s expected, or if it’s because this CREO import option is not recognized.

Could someone guide me to what’s expected after the --xml_settings option, maybe an xml file? Haven’t been able to find such a sample settings file.


This did the trick. Thanks to Kevin Philibert.

–xml_settings “.\Communicator\settings.xml”



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