Scs files not Loading in 2023 SP1 U1 on Docker

This is the error I see:

“E {scFunction: ‘Image_create’, data: 0}”

See attached image of the error in Google dev console.

I just upgraded to 2023 SP1 U1. It works fine in dev running in IIS, but is broken when ran in docker. Previous versions (2023 U1, 2022) had no issue for me in docker.
I don’t know if it’s a docker issue or not, but some direction on the specific error would be helpful.


Welcome to the forum. Thanks for sharing this issue. I think this might be an issue for support to help with. Are you a partner? If so, I think filling out a bug report might be best.

If you’re a partner you should have access. Please let me know if you don’t and I’ll be sure to get it sorted for you.

I have been in contact with support. It seems like it may have been a caching issue. It worked if I moved the solution to a subfolder.

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