Referencing Hoops Exchange via C#

I’m wrapping my head around Hoops Exchange via C#. What dll’s should I be referencing into my Visual Studio project? I currently have the four dll’s referenced into my project:

  • hps_cs_core.dll
  • hps_cs_sprk.dll
  • hps_cs_sprk_exchange.dll
  • hps_cs_sprk_ops.dll

I also have the C# and the C++ dll’s located in the bin folder


I currently have a ExchangeProductOccurance and I would like to cast it to a A3DAsmProductOccurance. But when I try to reference A3DAsmProductOccurance in the code. I get an error namespace could not be found


Have you looked at this page?


Thanks for the info. I’ll dig into this.

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