Troubleshooting with using HPS.Exchange in C# WPF Example

Im using the C# example "hps_wpf_sandbox_v140) with exchange.
I can not load a file with exchange, because HPS.Exchangel.File.GetFormat throws an exception “failed to load Exchange libraries”

“at HPS.Exchange.File.GetFormat(String in_file_name) in C:\jenkins\workspace\hps\hps\build\win64_v140d\internals\hps_sprk_exchange\source\cs\HPS.Exchange.cs:line 17983”

Hello, that must be a simple problem of access to the HOOPS Exchange DLLs.

I recommend you to double check your project configuration using this guide:

Especially last section:

  1. Make sure the HOOPS Exchange DLL are in the PATH or near the application executable:
  2. by using the environment variable HEXCHANGE_INSTALL_DIR. Its value must be the root of a HOOPS Exchange package
  3. by copying the content of HOOPS_Exchange/bin/win64 inside HOOPS Visualize bin directory

I hope it helps!

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thanks, this solved my problem

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